Wednesday, May 02, 2007

New Feature: Demographic-O-Meter!

I've decided to add a new feature to this blog.

For those of you avidly awaiting the results of last post's "Your Turn" design assignment, this is coming soon. I just started a new job (unfortunately not game-related...) so I have that on my mind a lot, but I should be able to put up the best ideas up on the blog soon.

Anyway, the new feature is this: I will add, to all game designs that are posted here (past and future) what I call a Demographic-O-Meter, like such:

The idea is to highlight who I believe is best targeted with the design being described: casual gamers (whose numbers are growing steadily because of Nintendo's Wii and DS systems, and other factors) or the hardcore gamer crowd.

An additional feature of this meter is that if you let your mouse cursor hover over the meter, you should see a popup that will contain my justification for the rating I gave the idea. You can test it on the meter above, if you like.

I will be adding these meters to previous posts over the next few days. Check them out, you might be surprised at some of the results (and don't be afraid to comment on the relevant posts if you particularly agree or disagree with my ratings!)

Edit: After adding a bunch of meters to previous game designs, I've found that Firefox (and probably all other Mozilla-derived browsers) refuse to show the whole "title" text for images. I recently read that this has been reported as a bug to the Mozilla developers, but because someone nagged a particular developer too much, it's possible that it will take a long time for this to be fixed. (Really mature, guys, I'm really proud of you. By behaving that way, you're clearly going to win over all of IE's browser share real soon!)

The text popups that should appear get cut off on Firefox, but they seem to display properly on IE. I haven't tested other browsers, let me know if they cut off the text or not. If I find that IE is the only browser that shows this text properly, I'll change my methods. If Firefox is the only browser that messes up, though, I will leave things as-is, even though Firefox is my main browser. Just to spite that immature developer who refuses to budge.

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