Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Steal This Game Design: Security

A quick one, this week. I had some actual, paying game design to do today, and I kind of lost track of time. (Was fun, though.)


You're responsible for the night security in a building that contains all sorts of valuable, sensitive or dangerous materials. You don't know what it is, and you don't care. All you care about is keeping everyone out.

You're the only human there (presumably) but you have enough technology on your side to fend off an army of burglars and terrorists:
  • many strategically-placed cameras, which you can control
  • many unarmed robot drones you can control by remote, switching between visible, night-vision, and infra-red cameras. These also have big manipulating arms that can be used to move furniture around, in case you need to build barricades.
  • some 2-inch-thick steel doors to block off certain sections
  • motion detectors in every room and passageway
  • one armed drone you can control by remote; the weapon is non-lethal and taser-like. it's used to immobilise intruders
You can also go out and patrol for yourself. Your only weapon is also a taser, but it's a new kind of taser that shoots an x-ray laser which ionizes a slender beam of air, letting it conduct an electrical impulse that can stun as well if not better than most tasers. In effect, you have a "phaser" that's permanently set to "stun".

Each day, you repel or try to prevent unwanted intrusions. The better you do, the more your reputation grows, which can lead to promotions. You start on the bottom basement floor of a forty-floor building, and with each promotion, you're moved up a floor (you're only responsible for one floor at a time.) The higher you get, the more valuable or dangerous the materials on your floor are, and the more insistent the criminals are.

You'll spend half of your time in your security office with multiple monitors used to monitor all the main entry points, control your drones, etc. If you plan your stuff well, you can complete some nights without leaving your office. But some nights, the bad people can get more persistent, and you may need to leave your office and patrol on foot, stunning any burglars/terrorists/industrial spies you come across.

If any bad people succeed in stealing or destroying anything significant, you can get demoted (if it's really bad, you can get demoted down more than one floor!) or even fired, if you're bad enough.

And if you're bad enough, you might even get killed.

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