Monday, August 21, 2006

Steal This Game Design: Food Fight!

I got this idea while discussing a science fiction story I'm thinking of writing. The story will be very different than this game, but, well, that's the way ideas come to me. So there.

Food Fight!

Food Fight is a Real-Time Strategy game where the four playable "factions" are the four food groups, and each food item fights according to its abilities.

Bread and cereals: huge loaves serve as buildings, baguettes are used as blunt weapons, popcorn cobs get heated up and explode to drown enemies in popped corn. Cereals can soak up milk (see the milk and milk products section to understand this one.)

Milk and milk products: buildings made of cheese, special old cheeses that smell so bad they're toxic to enemies, milk can drown enemies who don't have a way to absorb it, yogurt acts as quicksand, ice cream can be used to build temporary fortifications.

Fruits and vegetables: buildings made of pumpkins and watermelons, many harder fuits and veggies can smash into the enemy, the smaller stuff like berries are thrown as projectiles, pomegranates act as actual grenades, broccoli is used for chemical warfare, and brussel sprouts are obstacles that all units avoid at all costs.

Meat and legumes: buildings built from bones and gutted carcasses, chickens, pigs (with a tomato in their mouth), cows (move slow, but pack a big punch when they charge), lima beans to confuse the enemy, fish to navigate through water-based environments, soybeans and tofu to build fortifications, baked beans to slow the enemy (quicksand-style).

The player will have to play through the four campaigns, and the order in which the campaigns are played affects a few plot points in the storyline. Once all four campaigns are played, a fifth campaign is revealed, where the player will play as the last race he played in the fourth campaign, against the menace of junk food, the fifth food group. Gradually, as the other food groups recover from the previous campaign, they join into the fight.

I left the interface, controls and gameplay vague, here, simply because I would want the game to play like a standard RTS. The idea here is that the setting is so outlandish for a game that the game would just be too hard to do if a new interface, presentation and gameplay were used.

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